Bildad’s 3rd Response to Job

Job 25:2 | The Kingdom of God: Gen. 1:26-31 [Ps. 8:6], Job 25:2, 38:33, Num. 24:19; The Fear of the Almighty: “…he maketh peace in His high places.” – Job 25:2 [The Noahic Covenant]

Job 25:3 | His Armies: Ps. 103:20-21, 148:2-4, 40:26, Dan. 7:10, Rev. 5:11 [Jehovah Sabaoth]; The Noahic Covenant: “…upon whom doth not His light arise?” – Job 25:3 [The Fear of the Almighty]

Job 25:4-5 | Demonic Encounter: Job 4:13-21, 15:15-16, 25:4-5

It seems that Bildad is quoting the spirit that spoke to Eliphaz in Job 25:4-5. Such things were said in Eliphaz’s original testimony of the demonic encounter in Job 4:13-21, and similar statements were reiterated by Eliphaz in Job 15:15-16. Also, in Job’s response to Bildad in Job 26:4-6, Job seems to be directly responding to Bildad’s trust in this spiritual encounter of Eliphaz, whereby both of them are in some way being influenced to wrongly condemn Job by insisting that these calamities befell him because of his wickedness.

Job 25:6 | Wormism: Job 25:6, Ps. 22:6, Isa. 41:14